Welcome to MasterPUBG - An introduction to our features

July 05, 2017

Welcome to MasterPUBG.com!

We're excited to bring you a new site to the Master family, this time for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - one of our favorite games. With our newly improved UI,  we're happy to present your PUBG stats, rankings, advanced tracking analytics, and more for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

Thanks for checking us out!

Here are our FEATURES!

Saved Searches

All of your recent searches are saved on the homepage for easy 1-click access next time you visit!

Live Session Tracker

Our live tracker tool will automatically save EVERY PUBG session you play as long as you keep the page running in the background. Don't worry, as long as you keep this page up, we will capture every one of your matches and you will your PUBG matches pop up right as you finish them (has slight delay due to waiting for PUBG "finishing" the match on their servers). Here's an example:

Recent Sessions/Matches

As you visit your profile or use the LIVE TRACKER - your sessions will be automatically saved to your profile as individual (or grouped matches). You can see all the matches you've played and their stats, starting from when you first used the site!


Get an overview of all your PUBG stats from each mode from our overview panel - quickly see your own, or scope out a competitor/friend's, K/D/A, Win Rate, Top 10 %, Rank and more all accessible on their profile page.

You can also click on each mode to get an even MORE detailed overview of your stats in each mode.

Rating Trends

The more you check your profile, or use our live tracker, the more performance trends you can expect to see from your profile. Use the rating trend graph to see how your performance has gone up (or down :( ) in the past few days, weeks, or months!

Friends Leaderboard

When you favorite your friend's profiles - and check the box on leaderboards, you can have a custom leaderboard that only displays your favorited players!

Overall Performance

Check out overall performance in one quick glance